Arctic Wonderland: Dog Sledding, Snowmobiling and Northern Lights Hunting in Rovaniemi, Finland (Feb. 24 - March 2, 2020)

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Arctic Wonderland: Dog Sledding, Snowmobiling and Northern Lights Hunting in Rovaniemi, Finland (Feb. 24 - March 2, 2020)


TOUR PRICE:  We are offering this seven days, air-inclusive Arctic Wonderland Tour to Lapland, Finland for $2399.00 per person plus Finnair taxes of approximately $95.00 (taxes subject to change until the time of ticketing). The rate is based on minimum participation of 21 passengers. The single supplement is $673.00. There is no triple occupancy reduction in price, but it may be possible for three to share one room. Contact us for more info on that.

AVAILABILITY:  Accepting reservations.

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Arctic Wonderland Tour to Rovaniemi, Finland 2020

In February of 2017, my wife, Catherine, and I decided to do something very different.  We both love the winter and always wanted to visit the northern region of Lapland in Finland.  After some consultation with one of my colleagues, who on several occasions has traveled to Lapland, we decided to conduct an ArawjoTours Site Inspection there in order to gain a first-hand perspective on the opportunities for tourists near the Arctic Circle.  We selected to stay in the wonderful little town of Rovaniemi, Finland, which is located just 6 kilometers from the Arctic Circle and is Finland's administrative capital of the Province of Lapland (population 62,000).  In a fairly short five night stay, we managed to pack in quite a few activities without ever feeling rushed.  We strolled the town of Rovaniemi, ate reindeer multiple times in a variety of forms, visited the famous Santa Claus Village, where we ice-skated and drank vodka in frozen shot glasses in an ice hotel, explored the famous Arktikum Museum, which examines the Arctic region and the history of Finnish Lapland,  took a relaxing sauna, (saunas are an important component of Finnish life, and it is estimated that there are about 2 million saunas in a country of only 5.3 million inhabitants), and, of course, enjoyed the great outdoors by taking a dog-sledding safari one afternoon and a three hour snowmobile safari on another.  Although we got a glimpse of the Northern Lights, our time in Rovaniemi ran out before we were able to book a nighttime excursion deep into the Arctic Circle to search for them.  That activity, we agreed, would be a priority on our next visit to Rovaniemi.  We also did not get to visit the Rauna Wildlife Park, which is the northernmost zoo in the world and home to over 50 species of animals, including polar bears, lynx, wolves, owls and many others.  We fell in love with the sites, sounds and tastes of Rovaniemi and its environs, and were also impressed by the friendliness and hospitality of the Finns, who made our first experience near the Arctic Circle a very special one.  

We invite you to return with us to Rovaniemi in February, 2020, to enjoy a small group adventure tour which we believe will ignite all of your senses and which will give you an appreciation for the beauty of the unspoiled north.  The snow, the clean, pure air, the peace and quietude of nature and the vast expanse of space in the wilderness of Lapland will forever remain in your consciousness.  Granted, you will need to be physically fit to be able to dog sled and snowmobile, but if you are in good health, appreciate the outdoors and are used to being active, then this is a tour for you.  Below is a general outline of our proposed itinerary.  Keep in mind that there may need to be some adjustments or modifications once we confirm all services with our suppliers, but this will give you a sense of the kind of activities we will be engaging in.  We will have pricing established for this tour in March or early April 2018, so check back on our web site periodically for updates.  

Arctic Wonderland Itinerary:

Day 1 - Depart USA on Finnair for Helsinki with a connection to Rovaniemi 

Day 2 - Arrival in Rovaniemi.  Afternoon and evening free to relax and to explore the
town on your own.  Perhaps make a reservation at one of the nice restaurants and try the Lappish favorite, reindeer meat.  

Day 3 - Morning dog sledding (2.5 hours).  Afternoon free.  Suggestion:  Visit Santa Claus Village
on your own in the afternoon.  

Day 4 - Afternoon snowmobile safari (3 hours).  Suggestion:  Explore the Arktikum Museum on your own in the morning. 

Day 5 - Full day guided tour to the Rauna Wildlife Park (3 hours at Park, 5 hours total time).  Mid-afternoon and evening free.

Day 6 - Full day free for leisure.  Optional evening Northern Lights Safari.  

Day 7 - Full day free for leisure:  Suggestions:  Go ice fishing or take a reindeer sleigh ride through the forest.

Day 8 - Return to USA via Helsinki.  We hope you enjoyed your Arctic Wonderland experience in Rovaniemi, Finland.  

 TOUR FEATURES:  This fabulous Arctic getaway includes round trip air transportation on Finnair to and from Rovaniemi Finland;  all private motor coach transfers between the hotel and airport in Rovaniemi;  six nights in the centrally-located and appropriately-called Santa Claus Hotel (Rovaniemi is considered to be the home of Santa Claus);  complete and delicious buffet breakfasts daily; a three hour snowmobile trek into the forests of Lapland (two people per snowmobile); a two and a half hours dogsledding expedition (two people per dog sled—great fun!!!); a full day tour to the Ranua Wildlife Park; an optional three hour nighttime Aurora Borealis Safari;  some free time to choose additional activities on your own; and a pre-departure pizza party and orientation sponsored by Kevin Arawjo of ArawjoTours, LLC.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to participate in this tour, you should be fit enough to be capable of steering a dogsled and driving a snowmobile for several hours at a time.  Instructions on how to operate the snowmobiles and dog sleds are given on-site, as are the winter clothes and helmets.  You will receive everything you need locally to manage the snow and colder weather.