Thanksgiving in Luxembourg and Christmas Market Cologne, Germany (Nov 25 - Dec. 3, 2015)

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Thanksgiving in Luxembourg and Christmas Market Cologne, Germany (Nov 25 - Dec. 3, 2015)


Now Also Featuring Trier, Bruehl, Aachen and Bonn!

TOUR PRICE: The price for this eight day, air-inclusive and fully-escorted tour is ONLY $1683.00 per person based on double occupancy (two to a room) for a group of between 25-35 passengers.  Air taxes of approximately $199.00 are extra. The single room supplement is $418.00 for the eight days. 


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Nestled between Belgium, France and Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny but beautiful country of some 440,000 people who are governed by a constitutional monarch and a one-house legislature.  Speaking a language that is a cross between French and German, Luxembourgers are a hard-working people who are proud of their independence and who have some of the highest income levels of any country in the world.  The capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, is  the headquarters of the European Court of Justice and of the European Investment Bank and is a charming place characterized by medieval fortifications, Old Town squares teeming with cafes and restaurants and many fine museums.  To the north of the capital city lie the Luxembourg Ardennes, sprinkled with handsome castles, quaint villages and quiet farmlands.  For Americans, the Ardennes are known for being the location of the famously fierce Battle of the Bulge, fought during World War II.  Many young soldiers died in the region fighting the Germans and memorials to these heroes dot the landscape.  Indeed, there is even a museum dedicated to General George Patton in the town of Ettelbruck and another very impressive National Museum of Military History in Diekrich, which is essentially a Battle of the Bulge Museum (and the best one in all of Belgium and Luxembourg).  Thus, a visit to the Ardennes--which we will provide in a wonderful day trip from the capital-- offers the chance to appreciate the beauty of the countryside but also to pay homage to the heroes of one of the greatest battles ever fought in the twentieth century.  In addition to exploring Luxembourg City and the Ardennes, a drive south from the capital will take us to the Moselle Valley, Luxembourg's rich vineyard and winery region.  The slopes of the low hills rising from both sides of the Moselle River have provided fertile soil for the production of a whole host of delicious wines, including Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Elbling and many others.  It is no wonder that locals refer to this region of Luxembourg as Bon Pays (the Good Country).  Out of the forests, farmlands and rivers come some of the best game and fish,  commonly to be found on restaurant menus.  Expect to experience some of the best cheese, trout, pike, wild boar and other marvelous dishes connected to the area.

In brief, our trip to Luxembourg will not only be a city visit;  it will be a country visit.  It is rare to be able to see so much of a nation in so little time, but Luxembourg's size lends itself to a more comprehensive experience on shorter stays.  What a great chance this is to do something different in the heart of western Europe.  I'm excited!  How about you?    

Following our fascinating stay in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg we will travel northeast into the Rhineland to visit one of the most glorious cities in all of Germany--Cologne.  With a history spanning 2000 years, Cologne rests on foundations that date to the Roman Empire, and the treasures unearthed are beautifully displayed in the Roman-Germanic Museum, a must-see for anyone traveling to Cologne.  Another incredible attraction, and, indeed, one of most prominent symbols of Cologne, is the Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), which is the largest Gothic cathedral in Germany with construction beginning in 1248 and not ending until 1880.  The cathedral survived World War II intact and houses the famous Shrine of the Three Magi, a gilded sarcophagus containing the relics of the biblical Magi.  But Cologne is not just a city notable for its Roman and Medieval heritage, it has increasingly become the fine arts capital of Germany, with countless museums dedicated to postmodern art and old masters.  Art galleries abound and the nightlife, entertainment and dining opportunities are endless.  Enjoy the local Kolsch beer at one of the many classic beer halls, such as the Fruh am Dom (next to the Dom Cathedral);  attend a classical music concert at the Cologne Philharmonic; and visit one of the local taverns to try the region's most famous dish, sauerbraten (braised beef marinated in vinegar).  Ah, and don't forget to satisfy your sweet tooth by sampling some delectable sweets at Cologne Chocolate Museum, located in the heart of the city.  Perhaps the most exciting thing about all of this is that we will be visiting Cologne during the early days of Christkindlmarkt, easily Europe's most famous Christmas Market. What is there not to like about an experience that offers these things and so very much more?  So don't hesitate:  Join us for a unique experience to the little country (with big surprises) of Luxembourg, and to one of the most highly rated cultural centers of Germany, Cologne.  You will not be disappointed.

TOUR FEATURES:  Round trip NON-STOP air transportation on Lufthansa Airlines;  the services of a full-time 24/7 ArawjoTours LLC tour manager/guide as well as all motor coach services as needed throughout the itinerary;  a two hour visit to Trier, Germany en route to Luxembourg from the Frankfurt airport;  four nights in the four stars, centrally-located Luxembourg City Centre Hotel in Luxembourg City with breakfasts daily;  a half day sightseeing of Luxembourg city;  a full day sightseeing tour to the Ardennes and the Battle of the Bulge Museum; three nights in Cologne in the four stars NH Media Park Hotel with breakfasts daily; a half day sightseeing tour of Cologne, including entrance to the famous Cologne Cathedral; exciting optional excursions to the Mosel Valley, Bruehl and Aachen as well as Bonn (birthplace of Beethoven); the services of a full-time ArawjoTours tour representative and a pre-departure orientation and pizza party.