New Year's Eve in Stockholm, Sweden (Dec. 27, 2015 - Jan. 3, 2016)

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New Year's Eve in Stockholm, Sweden (Dec. 27, 2015 - Jan. 3, 2016)


TOUR PRICE:  As mentioned above, the tour price for this seven day, air-inclusive package is only $1139.00 per person based on double occupancy and excluding air taxes of approximately $199.00.  The single supplement for this tour is only $189.00.  Triple occupancy is available but there is no reduction in price for it, as the tour price is already quite low.

AVAILABILITY:  SOLD OUT.  Waiting list only.

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A few years ago, ArawjoTours operated a fantastic New Year's Eve trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Since then, Scandinavia has continued to be on our radar.  For 2015, we have selected Stockholm, Sweden as our destination of choice to ring in the New Year.  

A city of regal splendor, Stockholm is the capital of a country roughly the size of California, without the massive population.  It is a beautiful and intriguing city built on 12 islands in Lake Malaren, connected by many bridges.  Because of Sweden's neutrality during World War II, Stockholm did not suffer aerial bombardment, so its countless historic buildings remain largely intact and beautifully preserved.  Possessed of many fascinating neighborhoods, perfect for exploring, Stockholm has a wonderful Old Town (Gamla Stan), whose original walls date to the 13th century.  Replete with cobblestone streets, artisans' galleries, souvenir shops, antique stores and loads of restaurants and watering holes, the Old Town is the perfect focal point for a night of carousing, especially on New Year's Eve, when the fireworks displays will be truly stunning.  

If you enjoy opera,  theatre and concerts, Stockholm is the perfect place to be over the holidays, as the performing arts season is in full swing at that time, and many of the venues, such as the Royal Opera House and the Drottningholm Theater, are in buildings that date to the 1700s.  Stockholm's many fine museums are among the best in Scandinavia, including the famous Vasamuseet, which houses the nearly perfectly preserved Vasa man-of-war ship which sank on its maiden voyage in 1628.  It was salvaged in 1961 and is now one of the most visited historical sites in all of Sweden and Scandinavia.  The National Museum of Art is another amazing museum with a collection of 16,000 pieces of art from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.  And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.  

The best reason to come to Stockholm is to meet its friendly, open-minded people, who are citizens of one of the proudest and most socially conscious democracies in the civilized world.  The Swedes pay a lot in taxes, but they have a high standard of living and enjoy a degree of equality not found in many countries.  The entire city and its people are forward-looking while  maintaining a strong link to historical tradition.  The old and the new blend well in this land of islands and sea.  We believe that this New Year's Eve in Stockholm getaway will be among the best we have ever offered at ArawjoTours.  Sign up now and enjoy the fun! 
TOUR FEATURES:  The NYE in Stockholm seven days, air inclusive package features round trip NON-STOP air transportation to Stockholm on Scandinavian Airlines from Newark Liberty International Airport;  private motor coach transportation between the airport in Stockholm and the hotel;  SIX nights in a four star, well-situated hotel with complete buffet breakfasts daily;  a half day guided sightseeing tour of the city;  the opportunity to participate in a number of optional excursions, including a visit to the incredible reconstruction of the Vasa Warship, which was sunk in 1628 and has been painstakingly recovered (since 1961, 29 million visitors have come to see this remarkable Swedish ship);  an optional NYE Bash with dinner and entertainment;  the services of an ArawjoTours, LLC Tour Leader; and a pre-departure orientation.