Poland's Best Kept Secrets: Wroclaw and Lower Silesia (March 11-19, 2016)

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Poland's Best Kept Secrets: Wroclaw and Lower Silesia (March 11-19, 2016)


TOUR PRICE:  The price for this ArawjoTours special air-inclusive Polish experience is only $1579.00 per person based on double occupancy.  Air taxes of approximately $200.00 are extra and subject to change until ticketing.  The single supplement is $389.00 for the eight days.

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Over the years, ArawjoTours has led many tours to the beautiful country of Poland.  We have made frequent trips to Krakow, and more recently we visited the fascinating cities of Warsaw and Gdansk.  But there are some incredible hidden jewels in Poland to which we have not yet gone.  Wroclaw is a beautiful gem in southwestern Poland and is the capital of the region known as Lower Silesia, which borders the Czech Republic.  Founded by the Slavs over 1000 years ago, Wroclaw changed hands many times in its vast history. Until the end of World War II, the city was in German hands and was known as Breslau.  After the war, the city fell under Polish control and the German population was expelled.  Painstakingly rebuilt in the post-war years, Wroclaw is today a thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis with a magnificently restored Old Town square (Rynek), lined with baroque and Renaissance houses, countless cafes, bars and restaurants and a stunningly well-preserved 13th century Town Hall (Ratusz). Wroclaw is also famous for its Centennial Hall, which was constructed by the architect Max Berg in the early 20th century and which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

Wroclaw also makes a perfect base from which to explore other neighboring landmarks. (We will be in Wroclaw for a total of four nights.)  Not far from the city are two 17th century wooden "peace" churches, both of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and one of which is the largest wooden church in Europe, capable of holding 7000 people.  The area is also dotted with numerous castles and fortresses, including the massive 400-room Ksiaz Castle, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Silesia.  Our tour will take us to all of these interesting places. 

Further south of Wroclaw in Lower Silesia stretches a chain of low-rise mountains, which are part of the spectacular Karkonosze National Park, home to many popular spa and ski resorts.  The region's major city is known as Jelenia Gora, which also, like Wroclaw, has a beautiful central square.  We will take scenic drives through this beautiful castle-laden region, stopping in various towns and enjoying the freshness of the Polish countryside. We will even visit a Prussian fortress in the city of Kodzko and a chapel of skulls in the village of Czermna. (The church of St. Bartholomew, as it is known, is decorated with the skeletal remains of 3000 victims from the Thirty Years War.) But certainly one of the great highlights of this very special tour will be for us actually to stay for three nights in one of the great palaces that adorn the landscape in the vicinity of Jelenia Gora.  Tucked away in the forested hills are many splendid retreats, where one can appreciate the peace and tranquility of Lower Silesia.  We will stay in the magnificent Palac Staniszow,  which has a wonderful spa and indoor pool and which offers a great back-to-nature experience with many hiking trails in the hills and mountains that surround the Palac.  

In short, the opportunities for a rewarding experience in and around Wroclaw and Lower Silesia are endless.  This is a great tour for those of you who are looking for something affordable and a little different than some of the standard European tourist destinations.  It is also ideal for those of you who have been to Poland with us on one of our previous trips and who want to get to know the country even better.

Sign up now for Poland's Best Kept Secrets: Wroclaw and Silesia 2016.  We know you won't be disappointed.

(Note: A special thanks goes to my dear friend Mr. Jan Hunin, who is a Belgian ex-pat journalist who has lived in Poland for over 20 years.  Jan's inspiration and recommendations were instrumental in my decision to offer this tour.)

TOUR FEATURES:  This fabulous eight days, air-inclusive package includes round trip air transportation to/from Wroclaw, Poland on LOT Airlines;  a full-time motor coach and driver for eight days as well as a full-time Polish English-speaking tour manager/guide;  an amazing sightseeing program as outlined above;  a three nights stay near Jelenia Gora (Deer Mountain) at the lovely Palac Staniszow in Lower Silesia with three breakfasts and three dinners;  four nights in the modern, centrally-located First Class Puro Hotel in downtown Wroclaw with breakfasts daily;  and a pre-departure orientation and pizza party sponsored by ArawjoTours, LLC.