European Jewels: Prague, Krakow and Budapest (March 5-15, 2020)

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European Jewels: Prague, Krakow and Budapest (March 5-15, 2020)


TOUR PRICE: The price for this ten days, air-inclusive package is only $2049.00 per person based on double occupancy (two to a room).  Air taxes and surcharges are an additional $155.00 per person.  If you want a single room, the single supplement is $499.00. 

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European Jewels:  Prague, Krakow and Budapest 2020

When interviewed about the beautifully-crafted 1984 Academy Award-winning film Amadeus, the director Milos Forman remarked how easy it was in Prague to present a realistic setting, since Prague stands today much as it had in the 18th century.  Indeed it is one of the most well-preserved and magical cities in all of Europe.  Whether it be for the baroque and Gothic architecture , or the many concerts and theater performances, or the culture and food, Prague is a city that leaves an indelible imprint on the imagination of the first-time as well as seasoned traveler.  Its richness and sophistication can often seem overwhelming, but it is a gem thatneeds to be experience it in segments.  Old Town, Lesser Town, Josefov (the Jewish Quarter), Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge--these are just some of the many sections of the city that offer countless treasures.  As part of this special European Jewels tour, we will spend three nights in this glorious city, which is enough time properly to be introduced to Prague and to be touched by its enduring spirit.  (Some prior reading is an essential tool to gaining the most from your experience in Prague.) 

Krakow is a city whose roots go back to the early Middle Ages, when the original town settlement functioned as a fortified castle on the Wawel Heights.  It has a complex history that includes serving as the seat of the Polish kings until 1609, being incorporated into theAustrian Hapsburg empire as part of Galicia in 1846,  and, during World War II, becoming the capital of the Nazi General Government administered by the notorious Hans Frank, who used the royal palace on Wawel hill as his residence.  Today an intellectual center, Krakow is home to one of the oldest universities in Central Europe, the Jagiellonian University, first established in 1384 by King Kazimierz Wielki.  Like Prague, Krakow has many beautifully-preserved buildings, but the atmosphere is distinctly medieval, with narrow alleys, cobblestone streets and cellar restaurants and taverns greeting the excited traveler with the smells of delectable Polish cuisine.  Famous for being the setting of Steven Spielberg's masterpiece Schindler's List, Krakow is a city with a sometimes dark past, but whose contemporary youthfulness and energy coupled with the medieval landscape make it a natural rival to Prague--and, quite rightfully, a European jewel.  Smaller than Prague, Krakow is a very manageable, comfortable, tourist-friendly city that is only recently gaining the attention it deserves.  We will spend three nights in the heart of this city within easy walking distance of the charming Market Square.

Once referred to as the "Queen of the Danube," Budapest is a vast, cosmopolitan city encompassing over two million inhabitants and accommodating over two-and-a-half million tourists a year.  Although Budapest was seriously damaged by allied bombing attacks during World War II, the city has been amazingly restored to its former splendor.  There is nothing quite like the view of the Danube and sprawling Pest from the Buda Hills.  The capital of the Republic of Hungary, Budapest has a 1000 year history as the focal point of a nation descended from the Magyars, who invaded the region in the 9th century.  It became extraordinarily prosperous during the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) and is now the cultural, economic and political center of a proud nation, whose distinctive Finno-Ugric language is spoken by only fourteen million people worldwide.  Famous for its 123 thermal springs, Budapest for centuries has been a draw to people throughout Europe who suffered from a variety of ailments and who came to believe in the medicinal qualities of the waters.  It is possible even in winter to immerse oneself in one of the many outdoor or indoor baths.  And if you are looking for food with a flair,  Budapest offers the best of Hungarian cooking, including hearty goulash loaded with fresh paprika the likes of which you will find nowhere else on the continent.  To be quite honest, one of my favorite pastimes in Hungary is simply eating--the experience is never dull--and is best followed by drinking a delicious dessert wine known as Tokaji.  As with Prague and Krakow, we will spend three nights in this fascinating city. 

Experience for yourself these wonderful cities in the ArawjoTours European Jewels tour during the spring of 2019,.  Below is a summary of tour inclusions, price and availability.

TOUR FEATURES: This fabulous ten days getaway includes round trip air transportation to Prague with a return from Budapest on Lufthansa Airlines (a great carrier!) out of Newark Liberty International Airport; all private motor coach transfers between the airport and hotels in Prague and Budapest;  three nights in the beautiful K&K Hotel in Prague with breakfasts daily;  a half day guided tour of Prague, including Prague Castle and the Old Town;  one way private motor coach transportation from Prague to Krakow with a lunch stop (lunch on your own) in the Czech town of Olomouc;  three nights in Krakow in the fabulous Mercure Stare Miasto Hotel with breakfasts daily;  a half day guided sightseeing tour of Krakow; an optional tour to Auschwitz and Birkenau from Krakow;  one way private motor coach transportation from Krakow to Budapest;  a lunch stop (lunch on you own) in the charming Slovakian town of Banska-Bystrica on the way to Budapest;  three nights in Budapest in the excellent four star Courtyard by Marriott Hotel with breakfasts daily; a half day sightseeing tour of Budapest including a visit to the Fisherman’s Bastion; the services of a full-time European tour manager (Lucy Rapoport) as well as local step-on guides; the participation of an ArawjoTours Tour Representative; porterage of one bag per person at each hotel; the use of VOX headsets throughout the tour; and a pre-departure orientation sponsored by Kevin Arawjo of ArawjoTours, LLC.